Welcomes you all to this Microsoft .NET  FAQs page. This page is designed for both beginner and professional .NET Developers, It consists of online trending .NET  FAQs,

What is Microsoft .NET?

Microsoft .Net is a Software Framework developed by Microsoft which is used to develop software applications which runs on Mobile, PC and also in Web applications. The main advantage of using Dot Net Framework is it helps to reduce the quantity of code even in large applications.

Why we choose .Net ?

Developing applications using .Net framework is very robust and highly secure with great quality. .Net platform reduces development time, creates quality, reliable, and scalable applications that ensure smooth functioning of complex business applications. Hence it helps customer to improve their business easily.

What is the pre-requisite to take NET training?

The candidate should have knowledge of any one programming language. It can be either ‘C’ or any of its equivalents.

Do I need to know Object Orientation to learn .NET?

No, it’s not required to know C++ or any other object oriented language. Object Orientation will be covered in depth as a part of the training.

What is meant by Microsoft .NET Framework?

Microsoft .NET Framework is an important programming language which is designed by Microsoft Crop to develop applications easily, The main feature of .NET Framework is FCL – Framework Class Library which provides language interoperability across many other programming languages.

The FCL and CLR – Common Language Runtime together forms the .NET Framework. These attributes makes .NET Framework one of the most usable software programming language, hence it is necessary to learn Microsoft .NET Framework. Here is what wikipedia tells about .NET Framework – .NET Wiki

List the new features added in .NET Framework 4.0.

These are the new features of .NET Framework 4.0:

  • Improved Security Model
  • Networking Improvements
  • Improved Core ASP.NET Services
  • Managed Extensibility Framework
  • Parallel Programming framework
  • Improvements in WPF 4
  • Improved Entity Framework (EF)
  • Integration between WCF and WF
  • Improved Application Compatibility and Deployment Support
  • Dynamic Language Runtime


What is c# ?

C# is an object oriented language which is based on Microsoft Dot Net Framework .It has been derived from C programming language .C# is mainly suitable for  developing web based application .Major parts of Dot net Framework are actually coded in C#.

Why we choose C#?

 C and C++  languages suffer from many shortcomings in meeting worldwide requirements and standards .Some of them are as follows, The high complexity of language ,low productivity ,weak in consistency ,poor type safety.

Microsoft therefore decided to design a new language .The result is C# a simple and modern language its fulfills the software development.

What is MVC ?

MVC is a  Software Design Pattern for developing Web Application . MVC separates  the given application into three interconnected parts .MVC has been a real advantage for developers to build ASP.Net applications.

what is Query String ?

A query string in Asp.Net  is a value specified in an HTTP query that can be used easily within ASP.NET. The query string is appended at the end of the URL following the question mark(‘?’) character. Multiple query strings can be specified in the URL by separating them by either an (‘&’) or a  (‘;’). Query strings can be used for many different levels, one common use is to display different information on the same pages based on the query string.

What is AJAX ?

Ajax Stands for Asynchronous javascript and XML . Ajax is a cross platform technique which speeds up response time. The Ajax server controls add script to the page which is executed and processed by the browser.

What is Cookies in Asp.Net ?

A cookie is a message given to a Web browser by a Web server. The browser stores the message in a small text file that the server embeds on the user’s computer. Every time the same computer requests a page with a browser, the cookie is sent back to the server too.For example, when visitor comes to your web site you can store information about last visit and retrieve that information when visitor comes next time.

What tools can I use to develop .NET applications?
  • .NET Framework SDK
  • SharpDevelop
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Standard 2005
  • Microsoft VIsual Studio Professional 2005
What is an extender class?

An extender class allows you to extend the functionality of an existing control. It is used in Windows forms applications to add properties to controls.

What is code review?

The process of  examining the source code generally through a peer, to verify it against best practices.

Which namespaces are necessary to create a localized application?



What is object Pooling ?

An object pool is a container having objects ready to be used. It is a software constructs that designed to optimize the use of limited resources in order to meet the demands of client requests by"pooling" objects in a container and reusing these pooled objects as needed.

Explain about Asp.Net Multithreading

Multi threading is a method which can be used when a time consuming task is making the central processing unit idle for a long time when there is some i/o interrupt and more threads are waiting in a queue .

Basically multi threading is a technique to run the threads parallalely  whenever there is some interrupt of the threads, then apart from waiting, cpu can process another thread, which makes the higher efficiency of cpu.

What is the use of Assembly Directive ?

Assembly directive  is used for links an assembly to the page or the application at parse time. Assembly directive  appears  in the global.asax file for application a user control file for linking to a page or user control.

Syntax for Assembly Directive

<%@ Assembly Name =”name” %>

How to Retrieve a Cookie Value?

To retrieve in Asp .Net cookies we use Request.Cookie. Here the cookie is assigned to and you need to retrieve the data . In order to retrieve the value of the cookie, you needs to use the Request.Cookie command.

Example  Cookies Retrieval :

<% username = Request.Cookies(“username”) response.write(“Username: ” & username) %>

Why use three tier Architecture ?

Needs of new Web Application

  • Business will increasingly compete being the first to market with new electronic goods and service
  • Meets the requirement of large scale internet and intranet client
  • Is easier to manage deploy on the network
  • Provieds better security
Explain Hashtable in C#?

It is used to store the key/value pairs based on hash code of the key. Key will be used to access the element in the collection. For example,

Hashtable myHashtbl = new Hashtable();
myHashtbl.Add("1", "TestValue1");
myHashtbl.Add("2", "TestValue2");

How to Transaction in ADO.NET

A transaction consists of a single command or a group of commands that execute together. When we do some database operations in such a way that either all the database operations are successful or all of them fail. This would result in the amount of information being same once the transaction is complete or it fails.

What is AutoPostBack?

If  you want a control to postback automatically when an event is raised, you need to set the AutoPostBack property of the control to True.

Can one DLL file contain the compiled code of more than one .NET language?

No, a DLL file can contain the compiled code of only one programming language.

Explain Update Progress Control

The Update Progress control provides a sort of feedback on the browser while one or more update panel controls are being updated. A Client login or waits for server response while performing database oriented task . Update progress control provides a visual acknowledgement like Loading page indicating the work is in progress.

Syntax for Update Progress Control

<asp:UpdateProgress ID=”UpdateProgress1″ runat=”server” DynamicLayout=”true” AssociatedUpdatePanelID=”UpdatePanel1″ >





What is Default Events ?

 Every control in ASP.NET has a default event associated with it. The event handler can be created in the Visual Studio application. User needs to double click on the control present in the design view.

Few of the controls with their default events are given below,

  • Calendar control has the SelectionChanged as the default event.
  • Button Control has Click as the default event.
  • AdRotator control has AdCreated as the default event.
  • BulletedList control has Click as the default event.
Explain Garbage collection Condition in C#

In C# Garbage collection occurs when one of the following conditions is true:

  • The system has low physical memory.
  • The memory that is used by allocated objects on the managed heap surpasses an acceptable threshold. This threshold is continuously adjusted as the process runs.
What is session state?
A session is defined as the period of time that a unique user interacts with a Web application.Session management is a  strong technique to maintain state in Asp.net. Session state is stored in the Session key or value dictionary.  


Explain how you can implement Ajax in MVC?

In Ajax, MVC can be implemented in two ways

  • Ajax libraries
  • Jquery
What is Dot Net Collection?

Collections is a set of related objects. The Dot Net  Framework offers a many  collections like Array List, Hash Table , Sorted List, Stack and Queue etc. Collections can vary, depending on how the elements are stored, how they are sorted, how searches are performed, and how comparisons are made .All these collections are exists in System.Collections namespace.

Why and When to Use MVC?

When we Need to develop application which should be lightweight and easy for testing and Maintenance and more Loose Coupling that time we can develop application in MVC.

In Asp.Net Webforms  having various server control which generates large view state to maintain state which make page heavy . If application having low bandwidth can not access this Heavy page. Here using some Functionality of MVC it will increase performance of application.

What is Basic Template in MVC ?

The basic template  contains Script folder with default script files and Content folder will have themes and site.css style sheet inside it. Basic template comes under the  MVC folder structure which is Model Folder, Controller Folder and View folder are empty but View folder has a Shared Folder in which it contains Layouts.cshtml and Error.cshtml

Explain Best Dot Net Developer skills

Having great knowledge in Asp.net, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, and C#, JavaScript, VB.NET.

Enhance existing systems by analyzing business objectives, preparing an action plan and identifying stages for modification and improvement.

Design, code and test new Windows and web based software applications.

Create technical specifications and test plans for application.

Maintaining previous software systems by identifying and correcting software defects.

Investigate and develop skills in new technologies .

Why choose Microsoft Dot Net Framework?

Key Points for Choosing Microsoft Dot Net Framework :

  • Dot Net comes with a large class library called as ‘Framework Class Library’ which helps in interacting two different programming languages to operate on the same kind of data structure.
  • The Programs that are written for Dot NET Framework runs in a software environment named Common Language Runtime (CLR), which provides security, memory management, and other occurrences happening during execution.
  • It’s a framework that allows programmers to call previous codes, hence writing a new one explicitly is not mandatory.
  • Being a common language infrastructure (CLI), it provides a language independent platform for the development of software and apps.
  • Dot NET Framework comes with Console support, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core applications by default that can be used to create applications.
What is Scaffolding in MVC?

Scaffolding is a code generation framework provided for ASP.NET Web Applications. Visual Studio 2013 includes a new Scaffolding Framework for ASP.NET MVC 5 .Here Using Scaffolding, we can quickly generate code that interacts with  data models. This feature  mainly reduces the amount of time required to build MVC application with standard data operations. This Framework uses code-first approach for data operations.

Explain Web API Application Template in MVC

The Web API Application is another version of Internet application template which comes with default Home and Value controller with default View for Home controller and Value controller inherits from ApiController .It is used for creating HTTP based RESTful web services.