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.NET Training in Chennai – .NET is a Software framework which was originally developed by Microsoft and it consists of CLR which is Common Language Runtime and FCL which is Framework Class Library. CLR act as execution or runtime engine for .NET. Using .NET Framework one can develop various types of applications like Console application, GUI applications, WPF applications, ASP .NET applications, Windows Services, Service Oriented applications & Workflow enabled applications.

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Chapter 1: Framework Introduction

  • The .NET Framework – an Overview
  • Framework Components
  • Types of Applications developed using MS.NET
  • Base Class Library/Framework Class Library
  • Namespaces
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • MS.NET Memory Management / Garbage Collection
  • Common Type System (CTS)
  • Common Language Specification (CLS)
  • Types of JIT Compilers

Chapter 2: Introduction to C#

  • Overview of C#
  • Datatypes & Variables Declaration
  • Implicit and Explicit Casting
  • Enum and Constant
  • Control Structures
  • Arrays
  • Methods
  • Out and Ref Parameters

Chapter 3: OOPs- Object oriented Programming

  • Classes
  • Objects
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstract
  • Interfaces
  • Delegates

Chapter 4: Exception Handling

  • Introduction to Exceptions
  • Try and catch keywords
  • Using “finally” block
  • Throwing exceptions
  • Creating User defined/Custom Exception class.

Chapter 5: Win forms

  • Intro to Win forms
  • Panel & Layouts
  • Event handling
  • Building Login Form
  • Toolbox
  • Custom toolbox controls
  • User defined controls

Chapter 6: Introduction to MSSQL Server

  • Introduction to databases
  • Relational database Management concepts
  • Structured Query Language
  • Stored Procedures
  • Functions
  • Triggers

Chapter 7: Ado Net

  • Basics of Ado.net
  • Connected and Disconnected modes
  • Programming with Ado.net
  • CSS and JavaScript
  • HTML

Chapter 8: Asp Net

  • Intro to Web forms
  • Web Controls
  • Server Controls
  • Client Controls
  • Navigation Controls

Chapter 9: Master Pages

  • Introduction to MasterPage
  • ContentPlaceHolder and Content tags
  • Accessing controls of MasterPage in ContentPage
  • URL’s in MasterPages
  • UniqueID and ClientID

Chapter 10: Working with User Control

  • Overview of User Controls
  • Creating a User Control
  • Adding Properties to User Control
  • Adding Events to User Control
  • Using User Control in Web Form
  • Rendering Clients Scripts Using Page.ClientScript methods

Chapter 11: Validation Controls

  • Base Validator
  • Required Field Validator
  • Compare Validator
  • Range Validator
  • Regular Expression Validator
  • Custom Validator
  • Causes Validation Property
  • Grouping – Validation Group Property
  • Page.Validators and Page.IsValid

Chapter 12: ASP.NET State Management

  • Static Members
  • View State
  • Hidden Field in Form
  • Query String
  • HttpContext
  • Cookies-HttpCookie
  • Sessions-HttpSessionState
  • Application-HttpApplicationState
  • Summary of All Features

Chapter 13:  Authentication & Authorization

  • What is Authentication and Authorization
  • Types of Authentication
  • Forms Authentication
  • Role based Authentication
  • Windows and Basic Authentication
  • What is ASP.NET Impersonation
  • Using location section in web.config


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.NET Training in Chennai

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